How to set up a personal stylesheet UI in Internet Explorer 4.01 for Macintosh

This file's source contains the code necessary to turn your Internet Explorer "Favorites" menu into a convenient Personal Cascading Style Sheets interface. This file began life as a "Favorites.html" file, generated by Internet Explorer. It has been edited only minimally with these instructions, so you can compare its source with that of your own "favorites" file and orient yourself. It has been tested only with version 4.01 for Mac OS, so instructions are particular to that platform. (A knowledgeable Windows user can probably cook up an equivalent pretty easily.)

The links below fire off Javascript bits that apply stylesheets to the current document. When these links become part of your "Favorites" (bookmark) file, they allow you to apply stylesheets to any document you wish. These particular links are the W3C Core Styles, as well as the modules from which the Core Styles are built. You may, of course, reference stylesheets of your own making, though I hope to have provided a helpful framework with these links.

  1. View the source of this file and paste it into your editor (BBEdit, SimpleText, etc.)
  2. Quit Internet Explorer
  3. Locate your "Favorites.html" file. This lives in System Folder/Preferences/Explorer/.
  4. Make a backup copy of Favorites.html in case you mess up the next steps.
  5. Copy the section of this document's source indicated in the <!-- comment -->.
  6. Paste the indicated section into your "Favorites.html" file (you should study the source a bit to choose the appropriate insertion point).
  7. Save and close "Favorites.html".
  8. Launch Internet Explorer, surf someplace, and pick one of the styles/modules.
  9. Edit/arrange the "Favorites" menu as desired through the "Open Favorites" UI.

Thanks to Tantek Çelik for the concept and copious tips, to Liam Quinn for inspiration with his Windows-specific "WiDGets", and to Gordon Blackstock for early work along similar lines.

Toolbar Favorites



blue orange
mint reverse
swiss a
dutch post

body box

em-based symmetric a
ninths asymmetric
twelvths asymmetric
twenty-fourths symmetric
ninths symmetric
twelvths symmetric
8px fixed

body type

humanist sans a
serif a
serif b
modern sans a
modern sans b
humanist sans b

header type

humanist sans a
serif a
serif b
modern sans a
modern sans condensed
industrial sans
humanist sans b

vertical composition

pentatonic a
pentatonic b
pentatonic c close

horizontal composition

prop indents