Before After
34,285 bytes. Note the measles in the type images at 8-bit. This is typical Photoshop damage.
30,941 bytes - nearly 4K smaller. Do the math: how many downloads at 28.8 before you save a life?
9,511 bytes.
9,079 bytes. These are 6-bit images - unnecessarily high. To the right is a 5-bit version.
knocked from 6-bit to 5
8,121 bytes. 5-bit.
Good dithering, but Ugly, too.
52,882 bytes. This image should be JPEG, but it still shows off the effects of the script. Note the Ugly dithering at 8-bit in the dark region above "ers". If you can't see it, your gamma's probably way off.
only good dithering at 8-bit
41,104 bytes. Ugly dithering minimized, 20% smaller file. Some banding evident. The script seems especially effective with monochromatic images like this.
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