CSS1 box/float/clear tests

All tests below are simple HTML 4.0 "strict" documents styled with Level 1 CSS only. Please see the reference rendering, (GIF) then compare your UA's interpretation against the tests linked below. The renderings should match to the pixel, except in the case of form "widgets" and font details.

Current tests
  1. Reference - incorporates late feedback, introduces some widths specified in percentages. Corrects font-size error in reference rendering; breaks "barmaids" into "bar maids".
  2. Double - identical to the "reference" version, except the font size given on the root element is double (20px instead of 10px). The rendered result should be a 200% magnification of the reference rendering.
Retired/alternate versions

Please report any errors you find between the CSS and the reference rendering. Please do not report whether or not your browser renders the tests correctly or not; most don't. DO NOT SEND ME SCREEN SHOTS. I HAVE PLENTY, THANKS.